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​" I strive to give the viewer an accurate protrayal of the ocean world as it really is.   I pay meticulous attention to proper anatomy, behaviors and proper seascape.  I believe this is what sets me apart for other marine artists.  When my collectors tell me my artwork looks like an underwater photograph, its the ultimate compliment, as protraying the difussed light and colors correctly is extremely difficult.   It is extremely important to know the subjext and enviroment correctly to paint it well."

Having no formal art instruction, she is basically self taught.  " The only art instruction I've had was from Joe Garcia.  I had taken his adult class in Escondido for many years.   He is a fabulous instructor and an incredible wildlife painter and business man.   Even though he paints in watercolors and oils, he stresses proper values, composition, and accuracy in whatever medium you choose to paint."

Today, Jennifer is very passionate about ocean conservation and preservation.  "It's a shame how we've treated the oceans; wiped out many areas from overfishing, destroyed precious mangroove forests for tourist beaches, trashed the oceans' floor with dredging and now we've slaughtering sharks by the hundreds of millions for fin soup.   We need to take a very proactive environmental stance so we can help save the oceans and its' habitats. "

"Up to now, I've been selling most of my art to collectors but would like to branch out into art galleries.   My goal is to become the most sought after female marinelife artist in the world.   But even more important is my mission to save the oceans".

"Remember....hunt with a camera, take only photos and leave only bubbles.....