Bio - Jennifer Belote

Born and raised in La Jolla, Calif., she spent her free time snorkeling L.J. Cove and local waters.   " I was mesmerized by the colors and beauty of the fish, sea grass and swaying kelp.  It's a totally different world beneath the waves.   I snorkeled every chance I could get.   My childhood heroes were J. Cousteau and recently, Steve Irwin".

After being certified by the age of 15, she traded the cold waters of Calif. for the tropical waters of Hawaii, Caribbean and the tropical islands of the South Pacific.  She now takes her own reference photos from her trips abroad.  " If I was'nt a diver, there is no way I could protray the u/w world accurately."

Today she paints marinelife in acrylics exlusively for discriminate collectors.  Her subjects range from the local waters of the kelp beds to the Caribbean and the very exotic islands of Palau.   She paints photo-realistic scenes of dolphins, sea turtles, sharks, coral reefs and tropical 


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Diving the Turks and Caicos

John Mccoist

Patrick pool

 Painting in my studio

 Clear, vivid, tourquoise blue water, yellow ochre blades of fire coral, brightly spotted orange butterfly fish swaying with the surge,  reflective shimmering white sand.....

This is the underwater art world of Jennifer Belote.